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What Exactly is Ride Sharing?

With the emerging business of online transportation, people start to raise awareness about the importance of reduced traffic. By not driving their own car and opting for a public transportation instead, traffic becomes less hassle. Also, online transportation will give people the similar experience of privacy, just like driving their own cars.

Many online transportation businesses like Uber and Lyft provides transportation via the internet. You can grab your own taxi now without having to wait and yell at a street nearby, but instead, you just have to do some taps on your smartphone. You do not have to look for parking spaces because you do not have to bring your own car at all.

About Ridesharing

These online transportation businesses have started to develop into a more socially friendly community of ridesharing. Ridesharing basically is a term for sharing your own vehicle to other passengers, so you all can save time and emission for the same trip. Although ridesharing has already been a usual thing in the past year, the presence of online transportation makes ridesharing more modern and reliable.

Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have now started a ridesharing service so that when you order a car to drive you home, you can share your ordered car to another passenger that shares the same trips with you. If you are really aware of the positive benefit of ridesharing, you may share your experience of ridesharing your vehicle with other passengers.

About is a great place for rideshare drivers and passengers to share experiences and information about ridesharing. Ride Sharing comes with not only many informative articles and forum about ridesharing, but also with lots of promotions you can use for your next trip using Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar. It also offers a training for rideshare drivers if you want, so you can learn the basic strategies of good ridesharing while also maximizing your profit along the trip.