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Tips On Improving The Users Experience

An Insight into Misconceptions Which Can

Negatively Effect User Experience a Site is Able to Provide

For web design companies it is important to design web sites which are aesthetically appealing as well as get required conversions. To accomplish this task designers need to have a proper plan of action and avoid certain misconceptions which can effect user experience site is able to provide to its visitors. In the following sections we will look at some of these misconceptions so that designers can create user friendly websites.

An Effort to Debunk Common Misconceptions Related to Web Designing

Misconception – Web Visitors Do Not Want to Scroll

web design companiesA common misconception web design companies have is that web visitors do not like scrolling and accordingly make the effort to include most important design features above the fold.

Suppose there is a long article then in such situation there are two options, first one is dividing the article into small parts and creating multiple pages for each of those parts. The second option is adding the long article on a single page so that visitors can just scroll and read all the content. Designers will be able to create better usability on your site by using the second option where all the content is added on a single page since visitors will not have to load a new page to read a small part of the article. Moreover, the content added above the fold needs to be interesting so that it can lure visitors into reading rest of it.

Web design companies need to keep note of the fact that research and analysis on this topic confirms the fact that visitors are not reluctant to scrolling. Let us go through details of some of the studies which have been performed in this context.

  • Research done by one of the data analytics firms on around 2 billion web visits showed that about 66 percent of focus is usually below the fold.
  • Usability studies confirm the fact that users have no inhibition in browsing pages where they have to scroll down to read the content. Additionally, reading flow was faster in such cases as compared to pages which were paginated.

Misconception – Visibility Can be Improved by Using Graphical Elements

Often thought process of designers is plagued by misconception that if important elements on a web page are to be emphasized then it would be necessary to utilize graphical elements. On the contrary, if a visitor is looking for some information on the page then it is likely that the visitor will search for content and links which provide required details. In case there are too many flashy graphical elements on a page then visitors assume them to be advertisements and simply ignore them. 

Let us look at details of some research performed in this connection that confirms this fact:

  • In a research it was found that visitors are well aware of details they are trying to find on a web page and generally avoid elements which look like advertisements.
  • Another study confirmed the concept of banner blindness where visitors do not even look at graphical elements which resemble ads.


Thus, to conclude it can be said that designers need to pay special attention to improving design elements for a website and ignore misconceptions which may well distract visitors.