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How To Make Eco Friendly Greeting Cards

When special occasions are right around the corner, you might be pondering on ways to celebrate it and what kind of present to give to the persons involved. A simple and efficient way to express your thoughts and commemorate an event is to compose a letter or poem and write it down on a card. While there are numerous items such as these, making your own is better because it is personalized and the person receiving it will know how much effort you put into it.

There are many ways to go about this and also numerous kinds of letters to create for any occasion. Furthermore, one can also use all sorts of items and materials for this purpose. To aid with this task, continue reading this article to learn how to make eco friendly greeting cards for a special occasion.

The first thing to determine is what kind of event the letter is for. There are many events wherein giving or receiving one seems appropriate. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions at work, a congratulatory one, one for the day of hearts, Christmas, and the list goes on. Determining what purpose it will serve is important and determines the next steps to do.

After doing so, make the necessary shopping and purchase the necessary materials. Make sure to purchase or simply reuse old paper and materials if available. Essentially, cards are made from paper, which comes from cutting down trees. To minimize the effects of global warming and other similar environmental issues, it is always best to recycle if applicable. This way, you also save money and time in shopping for these items.

Take the recycled paper or repurposed cardboard and measure how large or small you wish it to be. After cutting it, fold it in half to create a card. Determine what kind of design you would like to apply on its cover and what message to write down. For instance, a good message to write if the person is celebrating a new promotion at work is writing down congratulations or good job.

After writing it down, start decorating. Again, there are many ways to go about this, such as using colored pencils, water color, or colorful markers. One may also make use of stencils and even recycled scrapbooking materials to make it more creative but neat at the same time. Once you feel satisfied with the overall design and message on its cover, proceed with the contents found inside.

Flip the repurposed cardboard over and ponder what message you wish to relay. If you intend to write an average or long sized message inside, it would be best to type it out on your computer or create a draft first before writing on it. This avoids erasures and will make the entire contents seem neater, compared to writing it straightforwardly and committing some spelling or grammatical errors.

After composing your personal message, review it once more to make sure that it contains no errors. If you wish to add something or remove a few lines, now would be the best time to do so. When you feel satisfied with how it reads and its contents, begin writing it down on the cardboard. Use a smooth tipped pen or a pen for calligraphy if you have the talent or wish to use one.

Like its front cover, there is also a need to decorate the insides. Use the same design and color palette used on its cover to remain a sense of consistency. When done, make sure the ink has dried before closing it. After everything has been prepared, insert it into an appropriate sized recycled envelope, ready for handing out to the person you intend to give it to.