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Good Reasons To Buy MREs In Wholesale

Also known as the 19FD-01-IRATs to FEMA, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are self-contained food rations that were initially developed by the US military to be distributed to soldiers on the field during times of war when regular food provisions were unavailable. MREs are a technologically advanced food option that is known to man.

They have a shelf life longer than can be imagined and are resistant to moisture and impact damage. Above all, MREs are ready to be eaten with no food preparation. MREs have all the nutrients and energy needed by a full grown operative to remain healthy and active. 

mre meals

MREs can also be purchased wholesale to non-military groups and civilians. These meal kits have the same contents found in military grade MREs. There have been many advantages to buying these convenient meal options in wholesale for a good supply in emergency situations. 

Inside an MRE

Inside each MRE you will find a three-course meal and a total of 1,200 calories of nutritional energy. There is a main course or entreé and a side dish along with a pack of crackers and spread, typically peanut butter. There is also a dessert, because you can't forget the essential sugars and a couple drink options. There is usually a sports drink that contains electrolytes and coffee or tea. Included in each MRE are several napkins, condiments, spoons, forks and a flameless heater that allows for hot meals and no risk of forest fire. 

Buying MREs In Wholesale for Emergency Preparations

Since the 1970's there has been a steady rise in recorded natural disasters related to changes in the climate. Natural catastrophes are always caused by sudden changes in the temperature and different phenomena that affect the weather. Disasters in this category include strong winds and rains, floods, mudslides, heat/cold waves, cyclones, wildfires and drought. 

Looking back over the tremendous disasters experienced in the US alone is enough to exemplify the precarious chain of events. Each naturally occurring weather catastrophe has been more serious than its predecessor. 

As natural disaster continue to happen, as they can be expected to, it will be important to prepare accordingly. The truth is that the aftermath of a catastrophe can last a long time only proper preparations will keep a person afloat during this period of instability. 

There is no reason to be caught at a disadvantage when a stock of MREs that will last you months and even years can be purchased at a relatively low cost. Keeping a supply of good nutritious food on hand will keep you from standing in food lines if there happens to be a shortage. If things were to get really bad, you and yours will be safe and nourished while the rest of society teeters on the brink of anarchy. 

Furthermore, in the case of an evacuation, what kind of food would you be able to grab for the trip. If we are honest, probably enough food to last three to four days, but with MREs you will be able to carry a couple of weeks' worth of food that will hold you out while the rest of the world is gridlocked.